Celebrating Empowered Women: Kip McGrath Centre Directors Shine on International Women’s Day

We are celebrating International Women’s Day, by showcasing some of our incredible women around the globe who run our centres. These inspiring centre directors show off empowerment, dedication, and passion for education. Here are a few quotes from our female franchisees on what inspires them;

Rosie at Kip McGrath Wembley Downs, Australia

Rosie, who runs Kip McGrath Wembley Downs Australia, is a beacon of inspiration. With her unwavering commitment to student success, she creates a nurturing environment where every child can thrive. Rosie’s quote “What inspires me? Changes towards diversity and inclusivity by the upcoming generations. Young adults today are far more accepting and inclusive than ever before. Whether it’s inclusivity towards women, those who are gender diverse, neurodiverse, culturally or racially diverse, I see young people attuned towards inclusion and genuinely empathetic. These changing attitudes and values translate to inclusivity of women as well and I am inspired to see what the future holds for these women”!

Tasha at Kip McGrath Ashfield, United Kingdom

Tasha, our dedicated centre director at Kip McGrath Ashfield United Kingdom, bringing creativity and innovation to their tutoring experience. Her passion for teaching shines through as she supports students on their educational journey. Tasha’s quote “I am inspired by my growing knowledge and knowing I am opening opportunities and possibilities for young people through their education”.

Chrizelle at Kip McGrath Walmer, South Africa

Chrizelle, is a source of inspiration, she steadfastly dedicates herself to ensuring student success, crafting a nurturing setting where each child can flourish. Chirzelle’s quote “I am inspired by children and their willingness to learn. I am inspired by parents and grandparents who want to give their children and grandchildren a bright future!”

Tamika at Kip McGrath Cockburn, Australia

Tamika, leading Kip McGrath Cockburn in Australia. Embodies resilience and determination. Her commitment to personalised learning ensures that each student thrives. Tamika’s quote “I am inspired by creation. We live in a world where everything is available all the time and in any colour! So I am most inspired when people take the time and effort to create and make something from nothing”.

Gill at Kip McGrath, Peterborough North and Peterborough South, United Kingdom

Gill, has a steadfast dedication to student achievement and establishes a nurturing atmosphere that fosters the thriving of every child. Gill said  “I am inspired every day by my mainly female team of tutors and admin staff (10 women out of a staff of 12) and their dedication and hard work whilst always striving for the best possible educational outcomes for the children and families that we work with. We are based in a city with historically low levels of educational attainment and high levels of poverty, deprivation, and immigration. We all are keenly aware that education is the key to giving our young people (especially young women) better life chances and a route out of poverty. And as we work as a partnership, we all succeed or fail together!”

Theresa and Anna at Kip McGrath Howick New Zealand

Theresa and Anna, the owners of Kip McGrath Howick in New Zealand, complement each other’s strengths. Their collaborative leadership fosters a sense of community and excellence. Theresa and Anna’s quote “Today, we celebrate the remarkable achievements of Theresa Bosch and Anna Parkin whose dedication, resilience, and brilliance have not only earned them prestigious  recognition at the recent Kip McGrath Conference but have also paved the way for countless others to break barriers and reach for the stars, Happy International Women’s Day”!

Carol and Julia at Kip McGrath Gateshead East and Kip McGrath Chester-le-Street, United Kingdom

Carol and Julia are two passionate franchisees that work and collaborate tirelessly to empower children in their communities through education they said "We are incredibly proud and humbled to be part of the journey of inspiring greatness in so many children and young people. We just love to watch our students, not only achieve and progress on their academic journey with us, but to witness how their confidence, self-esteem and resilience soar."

Join us in celebrating these incredible women who shape young minds, ignite curiosity, and champion education. Happy International Women’s Day!

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